41 Ghanaians arrive in Ghana from the United States amid border closure


A total of forty-one (41) Ghanaians have arrived in Ghana from the United States. The returnees were based, at Washington DC. A more significant number of them are believed to be students who were in the United States to pursue an exchange programme which is said to be sponsored by the United States through its states department.

The arrival of the returnees comes just a day after an announcement from the government indicated that it had arranged a chartered flight to bring back Ghanaians home based on a schedule designed by the Foreign Ministry. The forty-one (41) Ghanaians arrived aboard a South African Airways flight on Saturday, the 6th of June, 2020. Though borders are closed, the government is giving special exemptions to bring some stranded Ghanaians back home.

Barely two weeks ago, 241 Ghanaians were deported from Kuwait with the government granting a special permit to allow them entry amid the closure of borders. However, the arrival of the returnees comes as the first of the second phase of the government’s programme to evacuate stranded Ghanaians amid the Covid-19, Honourable Shirley Ayorko Botchway (Minister for Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration) has indicated.

The returnees are being held to observe the two-weeks mandatory quarantine. Meanwhile, two other contingents from Burkina Faso and Turks and Caicos will arrive later in the day. Responding to questions by the Parliament House, Honourable Ayorko Botchway noted that several considerations are embedded in the evacuation programme initiated by the government.

She further indicated that negotiations are underway between Ghana’s Beijing Mission and Ethiopian Airlines to have about 675 stranded Ghanaians in China brought home. Again, she stated her outfit is in discussion with the Scholarship Secretariat and the National Covid-19 task force to conclude arrangements to evacuate another 151 Ghanaian students. The said students have completed language proficiency courses in Benin as of last month. The ministry is planning to resort buses of the State Transport Service to bring back the 151 to Ghana.


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