A campaign team member of Mr Ahenkorah dies of Covid-19, two others being treated.


The Ghanaian Times has reported that a member of the campaign team of Mr Kingsley Ahenkorah, the Member of Parliament for Tema West Constituency, has died of Covid-19. The deceased is reported to have died at the LEKMA Hospital in Accra after he was rushed to the facility for treatment. The campaign team member (name withheld) died on Thursday, the 2nd of July, 2020.

“The deceased (name withheld), a ward coordinator at Lashibi, was among three members of Mr Ahenkorah’s campaign team in the Tema West Constituency alleged to have tested positive for the coronavirus (COVID-19) disease,” the report stated.

A close source to the Ghanaian Times claims the polling station Chairman for Tema Community 5, Bobo, as affectionately known was admitted at the Caiquo Hospital in Tema. Another team member, Nana Boakye, is also reported to be in self-isolation and receiving treatment for the condition at home.

In an interview with Citi FM on the 2nd of July 2020, the Deputy Minister for Trade and Industry admitted he had tested positive and has isolated himself upon advice. Still, he took steps to go to his constituency only to monitor the on-going voters registration exercise.

Mr Ahenkorah believes his action did not pose any form of harm because of his asymptomatic status. He acknowledged that he adhered to social distancing and other health protocols, upon his visit to his voters registration centre and believed he did not in any way put the life of anyone present at risk.

He further acknowledged that his presence at the constituency was necessary as he didn’t want speculation of his absence to draw other meanings at the start of the registration exercise at the constituency.

A section of the Ghanaian population believes Mr Ahenkorah’s resignation from his position as the current Deputy Minister for Trade and Industry is not enough, and expect him to step down as the Member of Parliament for Tema West Constituency as well.

Again, others are calling for his prosecution, knowing the status of Mr Ahenkorah in the country. Institutions such as Occupy Ghana have joined the stream of bodies calling for the prosecution of the former Deputy Minister of Trade and Industries as many believe he could have done better in his capacity.


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