Aboabone loam rebrands himself to Kobby Loam


The desire for a new name often comes as part of the rebranding process. When everything else is getting a refresh and a new brand strategy the name is looked at with more scrutiny.

It’s now clear and official that the administration of Ghanaian Talent & Events Manager,Blogger,Journalist,Brand Strategist,Media Consultant & Radio Producer Osei Kwabena Seffah-Bonsu formerly known as ABOABONE LOAM has made known of the change in the career name of their CEO from [ABOABONE LOAM] to [KOBBY LOAM] with effect from today; Monday 1st November,2021.

They fully ensure you that this rebranding will not be a hindrance to all the brands he’s worked with over the years. However, from today[Monday 1st November,2021], he will be using the new name for all our official purposes in the entertainment & media space.

Therefore, we request you to make a note of the change in our CEO’s name. The Loam Entertainment board declared these statements clear on their social media portals prior to the new amendments.

Check out the press statement below likewise the new brand logo of the name.


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