Aggrieved customers of all 53 fund management firms to embark on nationwide demonstration


This year, Ghana is going to experience a very intense election and campaign trails season. Aside the COVID-19 putting a lot of pressure on the government because top government officials has started losing their lives, all customers of the 53 fund management firms are gearing up to make the pressure more intense.

We are talking about 800,000 aggrieved customers of GCFM with over 3million the other customers of 52 fund management firms who has waited for over 2years for their locked up funds. They believed they have been more patient to the government to respond to their needs, but the government is taking their leniency to be their clemency and their patience to be their dullness. According to PRO of the aggrieved customers of the 53 fund management firms, Charles Nyame, SEC is taking does not respect the customers and he is taking them for granted.

From the recent meeting between the leadership of the aggrieved customers and Rev Ogbame Tetteh, Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) Boss, which was supposed to be a form of relief to the customers, it turns out that SEC don’t know when to pay customers even though customer information has been validated. This didn’t go down well with leadership and have started gearing up for a nationwide demonstration across all the 16 regions in Ghana.

According to sources, all the aggrieved customers held a massive meeting in Kumasi to plan this historical and groundbreaking demonstrations. In an interview with the PRO of the group, Charles Nyame, he noted that, they are not going to relent back because of COVID-19 and that these nationwide demonstrations will certainly happen even in the midst of political campaign trails.

He noted that, as far as the NPP party carried out their primaries in the midst of COVID, breaching all the safety protocols, no one can stop them from embarking on this series of nationwide demonstrations this election year.

From this development from the aggrieved customers, it seems the customers are willing to even put their lives on the line for their money, because they are already dying of hunger. It is about time the government take keen interest in the concerns of the aggrieved customers because if they are ready to die for their money, voting against the NPP government will certainly be part of their plans. Ghana needs a peaceful election with healthy citizens after the election, so President Akufo Addo need to be concerned.

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