Appoint Franky 5 as the Executive Director for Creative Arts Agency- Kojo Preko calls on Nana Akuffo Addo


In as much Mark Okraku Mantey has been nominated by President Nana Akuffo Addo as the deputy minster designate for Ministry of Tourism Arts and Culture, we should not also forget who becomes the Executive Secretary of the Creative Arts Agency.

Myself and FOCAP have our own reservations about the Agency but notwithstanding we still needed to see the Act come into force and also President appointing a great efficient leader to becomethe Executive Secretary.

I remember my senior brother socrate Sarfo made mention how important it is for us to give maximum attention to the creative Arts Agency. There is an establishment called Ghana Tourism Authority (GTA). The purpose of this Authority is enormous and operates as the main/major engine drive to Tourism and so should it be for Creative Arts Agency (CAA).

Some of us dedicated our time ,energy, and focus in seeing its establishment. We will continue to protect to see the Act which was born on 17th December 2020 effective and president assenting to it Act.

I have a choice as to who becomes the Executive Secretary for the Agency. Mr Frank Kwabena Owusu (Franky5). This man has shown dedication, hardwork, loyalty, focus, knowledge, experience, (his experience as a banker and financial person).

He has fought to see the realization of the Agency from day one, the struggle, the proposals, the engagements with the arts sector which is clear to all and sundry and without any doubt Franky5 is the best man to be appointed as the Executive Secretary of the very baby he nursed to see it come into being.

His financial expertise will fly high in helping the industry achieve alot in acquiring all the financial benefits, assistance, bridging the gap between the international creative arts institutions around the world and Ghana. He is capable and has proven that skill.

The Agency is huge and demands the expertise of all arts personnel who can help . It’s time to build an industry.

I salute you Frank Kwabena Owusu (Franky5).

Kojo Preko Dankwa
Foundation of Concerned Arts Professionals (FOCAP)



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