Behind most marriage divorce cases is the ‘TONGUE’ – Officer Kwasi Ofori-Appiah


Many marriages in recent times cannot stand the test of time.
The issue has become so alarming that most marriages begin to encounter problems even on the day of marriage.

People wonder why a beautiful union which is supposed to be the “MOST AGREEABLE ROMANTIC RELATIONSHIP INSTITUTION ALWAYS GENDER ENDURING” tear apart so rampantly beyond repairs.

I will state here that, most individuals undermines their choices of words when matters arise. How you speak to your partner can go a long way in maintaining the relationship. In fact everybody wants and needs to be respected when been spoken to.

People do ask questions during my relationship programs whenever I make my usual and popular statement that: ‘the wrongs of partners do not actually cause damage to the union but the hurtful and abusive utterances that comes after a mistake has occurred”. And anytime I explain it further, the statement is highly understood by all thereby creating a perfect solution to chaotic moments in marriages and relationships.

Let me crave your indulgence that, ‘to every mistake there is a possible pleasant approach that can be adopted to correct it’. I urge everyone reading this to be civil in his or her speech so that together we can create a positive and a conducive environment for all.

Let us consider and appreciate the reason why we started the relationship in the first place and forgive one another because ‘to err is human but to forgive is divine’

Let us watch our tongue in all aspect of our lives in order to withstand difficult times in our relationships.

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By: Kojo Kinn


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