Black American Rashad Mccrorey seeking refuge in Ghana lauds Ghana police


The rampant killing and abuse meted out to black Americans has become very alarming with some recent victims involving Rayshard Brooks 27, Daniel Prude 41, Breonna Taylor 26, Atatiana Jefferson 28 just to mention few and George Floyd which caused a huge protest against police brutality against blacks.

The menace which seems to be an unending one has caused a lot of black Americans seeking refuge in other countries with many tracing their bloodlines in Africa.

With the quest to create a save haven, Black American citizen Rashad Mccrorey has revealed his love for Africa precisely Ghana and seems not to look back again.

Mccrorey in a report on ABC News shared his experience about his Visit to Ghana highlighting the peace, harmony, tranquillity and hospitality he has enjoyed during his stay.

“Only in Ghana I have police friends, in America I refuse to have police friends” he said.

Mccrorey hailed Ghana police as friendly and peaceful as compared to the US police.

Watch video below

By: Kojo Kinn


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