Boycott Parliament Now : Constituency Executives tells MP


The Sefwi Akontombra NPP Council of Elders and Constituency Executives has called on their Member of Parliament, Hon. Alex Djornobuah Tetteh to boycott parliamentary businesses and rush to the Constituency to protect his seat since the Regional Chairman of the Western North NPP, Mr Benjamin Assuah and the Regional Minister, Hon. Richard Obeng Ebbah has planned to unseat him and make the party unpopular in the Constituency.

Addressing the media today at the party office in the Sefwi Akontombra Constituency, the Council of Elders and Executives as well as the Electoral Area Coordinators, through the Constituency Secretary, Mr Addo Harry, gave Monday, February 28, 2022, as an ultimatum for their Member of Parliament to boycott Parliament and report to the Constituency to defend his seat because they are now powerless as a result of the well-orchestrated plan by the Regional Minister and the Regional Chairman.

“We, the governing body of the New Patriotic Party in Sefwi Akontombra Constituency, are giving our MP up to 28th of this month to boycott Parliament and return to the Constituency to defend his seat since we are now powerless in doing so, as a result of the Regional Minister and Chairman disrespecting our authority as executives and their well-designed plan to unseat you as a member of Parliament”, they stated.

In addition, they said, failure of the Member of Parliament to return to the Constituency on the said date (28th February 2022) will result in the boycotting of the ongoing Polling Station Executives’ elections in our Constituency.

In their grievances, they emphatically quizzed that, ”How could a Regional Minister and Chairman, having respect for their Member of Parliament, District Chief Executive as well as party executives, reinstate a legally abrogated school feeding contract in the District without consulting the Member of Parliament, the District Chief Executive as well as the Constituency executives”.

To conclude, the Regional Chairman has formed an anti-constituency executives group as well as an anti-MP group in Akontombra to constantly fight against the very Member of Parliament who’s defending government businesses in the constituency, therefore the MP can’t be in parliament if there’s no peace in his constituency.



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