Breaking News: Heavy rain collapses building, kills an innocent 7yrs old child at Ofankor Barrier


The heavy rain experienced yesterday, 28th May, 2020, at Ofankor barrier, near ICGC-Faith Temple, has taken the life of an innocent 7yrs old child. Mary Asamoah, 7yrs old, was killed by the heavy rain whiles she was deep asleep in the night around 9 pm. According to eye-witnesses, the rain accompanied with a heavy wind collapsed the building built with clay sand, where the child was sleeping with the elder brother.

According to sources, the mother, who is a trader has travelled to buy goods to sell a day before the incident, entrusting the children into the care of the grandmother. The other sibling, 9yrs old, male, who was sleeping closer to 7yrs old Mary Asamoah, narrowly escaped death but suffered slight injuries during the collapsed of the building. Mary’s head was smashed into pieces by the bricks beyond recognition creating a lot of emotions at the scene.

Mary Asamoah dead body wrapped for burial

Many people are wondering the quality of building put up in Accra. Clay bricks were used in the old days, but in this 21st century, they are not quality enough to withstand heavy rains. The question we are asking is that who should be held responsible for this menace, the family, district or the government. Residents at Ofankor barrier believes that, Ofankor has been cursed, because a lot of bad news has happened in the locality during the week. A landlord shooting a tenant; tenants burning the house of a landlord and now a 7yrs old, Mary Asamoah killed in by a collapsed building. All these happening within two weeks calls for alarm.

Collapsed building with the deceased body

Currently, NADMO, a disaster management team, is touring Ofankor barrier, near ICGC-Faith Temple to put in place measures to minimize the rate of disasters in the area. Yesterday’s rain was very devastating as it caused a lot of flood. Roads and gutter has been destroyed, including a community health facility at the Ofankor Town. The infrastructures such as roads, gutters in the Ofankor community need to be reconstructed well to minimize the rate of death in the area. For now, the residents are waiting for NADMO, to return back to the community with a response, after creating a list of names and contacts affected by the heavy rain.