Breaking the 8 starts with the people(Grassroots)-Boxxy Writes


Ghanas Political terrain has witnessed an eight year mandate of Political parties elected to the highest office of the presidency.

All political parties since the advent of the 4th Republic in 1992 have experienced 8 years of on uniterrupted governance.This feat is yet to be broken by any policital party.

Renowned Political pundits and the connosseurs of the policital terrain have asserted that an NPP government at all times have performed better than any other Governments.

The introduction of various social programmes from capitation grant, school feeding,Metro Mass, introduction of the NHIS,free maternal health care,free shs,youth employment ,NaBco and a host of other social interventions have alleviated the plight of many Ghanaians.

In recent times,there’s been a grand scheme to break the 8 year mandate in the NPP which I believe is very pragmatic and doable.

I have always been a firm believer of performance and if we the NPP is able to work very hard this second term, Breaking the 8 becomes a mere formality.

Breaking the 8 starts with the grassroots. Why and how?The grassroots are the “custodians” of the party and their cries sometimes determine the direction of the party.

The Grassroots should be consulted on who becomes an MCE or DCE in the various localities. The choice of the Grassroots should be considered as they feel very comfortable with the choice and this ensures massive support for the candidate.

There are instances where some MCEs or Dces have acted in bad faith against the government. There’s been several alleged cases across the Country in the just ended 2020 general elections where MCEs campaigned as their Government.

As we begin the search for MCEs, we should be guided by the principle that “Not all of us can win all the time”.Our candidates efforts will be or maybe recognized in due time.

When the Front at the local level is broken it trancends to the national level..

The work of the MCEs will help us to break the 8 per their development which rests at the door step of the people.

Their development would be a testament to maintain the NPP in the next election.. let us keep calm and rally round the party .

This selection should not break our front but strengthen us for the task ahead.
When the ground is fertile we have the tendency to break the 8 with less stress



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