Can You Make Money Out of Your Marriage and Become Wealthy?


Dr. R. Buck-minster Fuller, a world-renowned architect, futurist, inventor, and visionary measured wealth in time. He defined wealth as: A person’s ability to survive X number of days forward. In other words, if you (or you and your partner) stopped working today, how many days could you survive financially on the money you have – maintaining your current lifestyle? This is the true definition of wealth. However, many people always attempt to correlate their wealth to the person they date or marry in life, which has become a very controversial issue in relationships. It’s very true that “your relationships determine your wealth and your network is your net worth”.

With this motivation behind many behaviors, we tend to rely on the belief that if we marry or date a wealthy person, automatically we will become wealthy. Or our wealth process will be much faster when we marry a wealthy person. I know many people who have dated or married billionaires but didn’t become billionaires. Mark Zuckerberg wife’s name is not on the list of billionaires. Not only her but Bill Gates wife’s name, Warren Buffet wife’s name, Steve Jobs wife’s name, Aliko Dangote’s children’s mother, the man dating Oprah Winfrey, Dr. Daniel Mckorley wife’s name, Elon Musk wife’s name, Salma Okonkwo husband’s name etc. I can go on and on with the lists of both female and male billionaires in the world, but in the context of this article, the fact that you are dating or married to a wealthy partner doesn’t make you wealthy.


Many of us usually feel comfortable thinking we have arrived when riding our partners’ car, enjoying their wealth and living lavishly on the wealth they’ve created thinking we are also wealthy. We need to work hard for our wealth irrespective of who we are dating or married to. In as much as you can work together with your partner in creating wealth, you have to understand that your personal effort is paramount to the wealth creation process. Many people desire to date and marry wealthy partners in order to become wealthy, which is a myth. With this motive, they fail to consciously work towards their wealth through capacity building financial programs.

There are many of us who has failed or still struggling in the quest of to create wealth, and with higher hopes we have resorted to marriage or dating as a means of creating wealth. This is the most dangerous and riskiest wealth creation strategy ever. With this strategy, your chance of becoming wealthy is limited and there is no way you can be wealthy with this approach. You need to ask yourself, if your wealthy partner is no more, how long can you survive on the wealth he or she has created? Or if something happens to your partner, can you still be wealthy? We’ve got to slave for our own shit, because wealth is not sexually transmitted.



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