Central Music Awards 2021 : Epic Performance by Roy X Taylor


Last night 26th November 2021 was a night of awards ceremony and performances from great artiste from the central region of Ghana(Central Music Awards) as the marked the 10th edition of their awards ceremony.

On the night were great performance like Kojo vypa,Kwame yogot,Kwabena leave a, Minab, Okotopery etc..

The sound quality in the auditorium was soo superb.

Roy X Taylor among all the performances stood tall with his live performance, his musical styles varied, he exhibited a great musicianship, played with so much confidence which I wasn’t surprised because he’s been part of the salt pond city band as a lead guitarist which plays for the legendary Ebo Taylor.

Roy X Taylor entertaining the audience at 2021 Central Music Awards with good musical performances

Vocally he had a great tone and really good control on his notes and the band.

The overwhelming moment was when he kept patrons on their feet through out his performance, at a point the sound from the live band went off and he had to switch to PA system which he wasn’t familiar with.

After his performance i understood why the organizers wanted his performance not as early as planned and agreed before the night.

He performed songs from his Taylor Made EP which was released few days ago and doing well on the digital platforms, I was so soo proud of myself for being part of his team

The magic that Roy X Taylor and Emitsimadzi band created was beautiful, a band that barely knows the artiste and working for the first time but was able to put out a very spectacular performance. , I applaud them for a great performance

Story by Zolla Nie


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