Chiney Kiki Drops Afrobeats Song “Magnet” With Ranny Praps


Ghanaian-Jamaican reggae artist Chiney Kiki is out with with her first Afrobeats song titled “Magnet” with Ranny Praps.

The song, as its name suggests is a love piece which seeks to draw real and genuine emotions out of every relationship be it platonic or amorous.

“The song is titled “Magnet” because in the song we are talking about being so much in love that we drawn to each other regardless of opposition from people” the singer explained.

The concept of the song is based on a girl who is deeply in love with a guy and he also reciprocates back with tenderness and care.

“We decided to choose Valentine Day for the release since the day is dedicated to love and the the song is also about loving each other…the intention of the song is to show people a conversation between two lovers. It is to show how the two express their love” she added.

One would also appreciate Ranny Praps for his delivery on the jam. With his smooth voice accompanied by nice instrumentation, you’re assured of feets moving with a happy ending.

The song was produced by Tulapro from Nigeria, and will be available for download and purchase on all major online stores from February 14th 2021.

Click on link below to pre-order song.

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