COVID-19 DEATH HITS: Why most Leaders and Politicians are likely to die from coronavirus in Ghana


It is quite sad that the coronavirus has started killing our politicians and leaders in Africa, especially Ghana. In fact, this is something no one will wished for, but it is happening now.  The death rolls initially started from the citizens and currently hitting our politicians and leaders in the country steadily. Death rolls in Burundi is an example of how coronavirus has started killing the politicians.

Burundi President Nkuruziza with his mother were killed by coronavirus. President Nkuruziza wife, his sister, incoming Burundi President and speaker that should be currently acing as president were all put in ICU to survive against the virus. For Burundi, the country allowed the virus unknowingly to destroy them because of political ambitions. Burundi went into general elections when the entire globe is fighting the virus. Currently, the interim President, President-elect & Vice-President-elect, according to sources have tested positive for Covid-19 including members of cabinet & Parliament. This is the situation in Africa and Ghana has started taking her fair share of the leadership death roll.

Many people believe that politicians are dying from the virus because of their greed and thirst for power. Some also thinks it’s a spiritual force against politicians because of their lies and deceptions. Well they are not entirely wrong but the puzzle need more pieces to be fixed. The recent death of Sir John, former general secretary and CEO of Forestry commission of Ghana put the entire country in sadness. Not only that should be a concern, but the positive tests by our parliamentarians and cabinet ministers.

Just recently, the deputy minister of trade and industry, Hon. Carlos Ahenkorah, who tested positive, whiles in self isolation, came out to visit new voters card registration centres in his constituency because he doesn’t want to lose the upcoming general elections or felt he will be cheated. This is why most leaders and politicians will likely be killed by the virus. it’s called greed and thirst for political powers. Whiles President Akufo Addo has suspended all cabinet meetings because of coronavirus, parliamentarians are about 275 were still going for parliament sittings because they don’t want to be cheated.

When public gatherings have been limited to a maximum of 100 people, politicians are organizing primaries, bringing together more than 500 people in each constituency to elect leaders. Breaching all safety protocols because of their greed and thirst for political powers. This is why most politicians will be hit by the COVID 19 death toll in Ghana. As the law cannot deal with politicians because they make the law, coronavirus can impartially deal with them because they didn’t create it. This shows that, when politicians make decisions for the people with the mind that they themselves are free from the negative consequences from the decision, they are not entirely free.

Ghana’s 2020 general elections is just about five (5) months from now, and politicians are gearing up for their campaign trails. In fact, those who have even tested positive are getting ready to storm their constituencies with their winning campaign messages. Do you know why? Because they cannot afford to lose their political powers. This is why most of them will be killed by the virus because their political power is more important than their lives.

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