COVID-19: UTV in danger for flouting mandatory ‘’wear your nose masks” directives


A popular television station in Ghana, United Television –UTV, one of the broadcasting stations of the Despite media group of companies has been caught flouting the President’s ‘’wear your nose mask’’ directives during their 10pm, after news discussions on 7th May 2020.

The discussions hosted by Ama Sarpong Kumakuma Agyei, a news anchor, flouted all the coronavirus preventive measures given by the ministry of health. It was observed that, all the two invited guests including the host during the discussions failed to wear nose mask as there were no sanitizers on their desk.

This has raised concerns of viewers to question the TV station whether they are above the directive or the fight against the pandemic is over. Unlike other T.V stations who are keenly observing the measures by either wearing nose masks during discussions with more than two guests at studio, or using zoom to engage their guests for social distancing reasons, it seems UTV is discouraging efforts behind the ‘’wear your nose mask’’ campaign.

Viewers and netizens are questioning the social distance between the two guests and the host, and think that is not the best social distance employed by the T.V station. Concerned citizens are pushing for the state agencies to hold UTV accountable for such behavior, otherwise citizens will not practice the wearing of nose mask which will results in the spread of the virus.

‘’If the media spreading the news are not observing the social distance, wearing of nose mask, and sanitize your hands measures put in place by the government, why will people do it’’, said by a concerned viewer. This has put UTV in danger, because even the bill board with the president’s image without wearing nose mask has to be brought down, how much a TV station?

For now, we are waiting for the response of the state agencies and the action to be taken against UTV.


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