Anybody who loves Arts, just like myself will be proud of The Creative Arts Council’s (CAC) initiative which aims at beautifying interchanges in the capital city with artworks that depict history and stories of Ghanaian origin. The initiative, themed, “Arts for All” which kick-started early this year has seen compelling and eye-catchy artworks displayed around some interchanges in Accra, the major being the Ako-Adjei Interchange in Accra.  Reports indicate that the project which is in partnership with the Ghana Visual Arts Association has about 43 artists under its belt.  The project expands over five phases and will continuously employ Ghanaian stories of originality to create artworks across the city.

Users of routes connecting the city can tell of the appalling conditions faced by major interchanges in Accra. Walls of interchanges have served as an advertising space to churches, businesses, politicians, and individuals for advertising purposes – often covered in posters of various forms and sizes. However, the new initiative of the Creative Arts Council suggests making these walls, a canvass for artists to display the country’s unique culture in the form of arts.  The long-standing canker which has deprived the city’s interchanges of beauty is hopeful to be a thing of the past with these new paintings.

The initiative which started at Ako-Adjei has seen the walls of the interchange covered in beautiful acrylic colours of various forms of arts ranging from scarification, religion, dance, festivals, dressing, etc. It is no surprise that the art lovers have taken turns to take “selfies” from the location since completion.

In a time where the world is fighting the spread of the global pandemic, Convid-19, the Creative Arts Council has seen the need to employ its initiative to help spread awareness among the public. In a new phase of its project which has commenced at the Achimota main footbridge that links the N1 highway, the Council has turned various Convid-19 precautionary measures into artistic beauty across the footbridge. Capped in multiple acrylic colours, the artwork ranges from coughing and sneezing ethics, nose mask usage ethics, emptying of used tissues and nose masks into bins, use of sanitizers, etc.

On this merit, there is a colourful artwork of a woman sneezing or coughing into a tissue, a gentleman covering his mouth and nose with his hands bent over, a sanitizer with droplets into the palm, etc. The artwork extends across the two sides of the inner part of the footbridge. Even though not completed, many pedestrians have taken turns to acknowledge the wealth of beauty displayed across the footbridge.   Artworks are said to complement spoken words, and even though are no display of writings, probably, because the project is uncompleted, the beautiful artworks spell out all significant precautions placed in by the State and the World Health Organization.

In various forms, the media and major stakeholders have devised various tools to spread caution about the pandemic and its severity. The Council’s way of supporting the spread of awareness among the public by employing its art initiative is one that deserves major applauds. The message carried by the artworks is straightforward to reach the understanding of every person using the route. If you love street arts and paintings, you have to visit and take a shot of this great display beneath the Achimota main footbridge.


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