D-Black’s night club disconnected by ECG for power theft


Oasis Pool & Shisha Lounge in Accra has been cut off from the national grid for power theft.

The nightclub, which is said to be owned by popular hiplife musician D-Black, is located at Cantonments behind the police headquarters in Accra.

Operators were caught red-handed by the National Taskforce of the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) for bypassing the meter to use electricity.

The task force visited the premises of the lounge, where it uncovered the illegality, which is alleged to have taken place for a long time.

The ECG has since served notice to the managers of the facility to report to their office for further interrogation.

A number of public and private institutions have been caught over the past five weeks ever since the power distributor declared war on debtors and illegal connections.


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