DE -REVELATION GROUP Poised to Support 16 Years Old Boy Suffering from Hernia; Calls for Donations


Hernia and hunger could never be a good combination. This statement is not to disgrace those in that situation but to paint a clear picture in the mind of people who have no idea of what both situations may be.

Young 16 years old Willson is suffering from Hernia and needs the public support.

His Hernia is in stage 5 and requires a surgery.
looking at the financial situation of both parents, Wilson’s Hernia will take a long way and even they can’t afford to pay for.

Wilson hardly gets 3 square meal a day, even one is difficult for him and the parents which increases him pain day in and day out.

Due to situation,Wilson have become a school dropout and have locked himself up in his room because of his situation to avoid been made trolled by friends, family and class mates.

DE REVELATION GROUP whose main aim is to put smiles on the faces of the poor and the needy is poised to put smiles on the face of 16 years Wilson by helping him to undergo surgery.

With your support and donations we are seeking for your kindness in supporting DE REVELATION GROUP to help pay for his surgery and Set his mother up with a business to take care of him.

It’s an agenda let’s raise (GHS 5,000) #Let’sraisefivethousandcedisforwilson . You can support with your big or small contribution/Donation and it will to help save a life.

You can send your donations/ Contributions via DE REVELATION GROUP mobile Money Number

MoMo Number and confidential.

Momo Number : 0542 26 6297

Thank you for your support/Contribution and God richly bless you.


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