Deputy Trade Minister resigns after breaking Covid-19 protocols


Reports of Peter Mac Manu and Carlos Kingsley Ahenkorah having tested positive for Covid-19 have gone wide across the country. Mr Ahenkorah, a Deputy Minister for Trade and Industry and also, the Member of Parliament for Tema West, confirmed he had indeed tested positive for Covid-19.

In an interview with Citi FM on the 2nd of July 2020, the Deputy Minister for Trade and Industry admitted he had tested positive and has isolated himself upon advice. Still, he took steps to go to his constituency only to monitor the on-going voters registration exercise. Mr Ahenkorah believes his action did not pose any form of harm because of his asymptomatic status.

When asked if he had indeed tested positive for Covid-19, Mr Ahenkorah said “Yes, I have COVID-19, but on the first day of the registration, there was a problem at one of the centres. But knowing my status that I am asymptomatic, I visited only one centre to check on the issue. I never got in the midst of people. I drove in my car and got there, got down and spoke far away with the EC officer who explained the issue to me. I told her I would report this to their boss and then I just left. I was very careful. People like us need to know their status because whether you like it not, we will go into the midst of people.”

Mr Ahenkorah acknowledged that he adhered to social distancing and other health protocols, upon his visit to his voters registration centre and believed he did not in any way put the life of anyone present at risk. He further acknowledged that his presence at the constituency was necessary as he didn’t want speculation of his absence to draw other meanings at the start of the registration exercise at the constituency.

The statement from the office of the president emphasised that President Akufo Addo is “admonishing all of his appointees to bear in mind that they are to provide leadership, at all times, for adherence to the protocols that have been established to help the nation defeat COVID-19.”  It concluded by acknowledging that “In accepting the resignation, the president recognises that Mr Ahenkorah has acted honourably in the circumstances by resigning his office, and wishes him well.”


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