Undoubtedly, the English Premier League remains one of the finest leagues across the world, amassing massive viewership in almost every country. Over the years, the league has provided a significant source of football entertainment to many football lovers across the globe. Whiles major economic indexes have profoundly been affected by the global pandemic, Convid-19, the footballing world could not be left out. The Convid-19 outbreak has caused a significant blow to the English premier league lovers and, more especially, supporters of Liverpool football club. League statistics prior to the halt of the league due to the global pandemic had all gone in favour of Liverpool Football club lifting the premiership. A point lead of 25 to second-placed Manchester City FC, was to an extent an assurance Liverpool stood the chance of being crowned Premiership Champions for the 2019/2020 league season.

Well, there is good news out here for EPL lovers, and more especially Liverpool FC supporters. A new document released today by the United Kingdom government -titled, ‘Our Plan to Rebuild: The United Kingdom Government’s Convid-19 Recovery Strategy’, highlights the country’s controlled measures instituted to lift the enforced lockdown extended across the country. The major highlight of the document is to allow various activities to resume, including the Premier League, while social distancing protocols are heavily observed. The Roadmap presented by Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, this afternoon will clear the path for the current premiership season to continue from next month, June 2020. As it remains now, all remaining league fixtures will be played behind closed doors to ensure social distancing protocols are duly observed until a productive measure guaranteeing public safety.

Since the news hit the airwaves, there have been voices from sections of Premier League clubs concerning the restart of the League. Brighton, Aston Villa and Watford Football club have all expressed displeasure over the prospect of a home advantage going against them amid playing matches behind closed doors. This said, some premier league stars including Antonio Rudiger and Sergio Aguero have also expressed displeasure at the plan to continue the current league season, amid, the continuous rise in Convid-19 cases in England.  Just last week, three players from Brighton Football club tested positive for Convid-19 and have been held in isolation. Over the past week, the La Liga and Bundesliga have received surety to the continuation of the current league season in respective countries, Spain and Germany. It is of no surprise that football lovers across the globe have missed footballing entertainment, and this decision from the UK government comes as a piece of welcoming news to many. Earlier last month, there were calls across many media platforms and soccer pundits to render the current English Premier League season (2019/2020) null and void. Whereas in some other developments, some pundits called for the league to be called off and the premiership title handled over to Liverpool as they led the league table before the halt of the current season.

You may be happy over this new development, and especially if you are a Liverpool FC fan. However, as it stands now, its likely all remaining league fixtures will be played behind closed doors.


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