In compliance with the decision of the Executive Council of the GFA for all matches to be played behind closed doors for the next four weeks, the following Modalities shall apply:

  1. Only players and technical team of both clubs with validated licenses and accreditation.
  2. Appointed match officials (Referees, Match Commissioner, GFA Cameramen/women and Venue Media Officer)
  3. Organizers (GFA Competitions Department), Stadium Owners and management staff.
  4. Ten (10) Ball Retrievers.
  5. Twenty (20) members of Home club’s management and Executives to sign upon entry at the stadium main gate.
  6. Ten (10) members of Away club’s management and Executives to sign upon entry at the stadium main gate.
  1. StarTimes crew (live matches)
  2. Maximum Thirty (30) media houses (depending on stadium size (List to be provided by GFA). One journalist per media station. Interested media to contact the Communications Department of the GFA.
  3. Ten (10) Medical personnel, that is, uniform Red Cross, St Johns Ambulance.
  4. Security (Police, Club Safety and Security Officer and club Stewarts). Home Club to invite and take care of security.
  5. Two (2) Club media officers each for home and away clubs.
  6. One club Cameramen for official video (only when GFA has written an approval letter for filming by the club)
  7. No other spectator or person whatsoever would be allowed in the stadium.
  8. No complimentary tickets shall be issued. All attendees to sign their names. Government officials and relevant officers to be accredited by NSA when the match is in facility owned by NSA.
  9. Stakeholders (especially Match Commissioners) are hereby notified to take note of these decisions and act accordingly.
  10. Stakeholders are being reminded that the GFA COVID-19 match day protocols (Find attached) is still in force.

GFA Matchday COVID-19 Protocols – Approved November 9 – 2020


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