Ghamro’s copyright action on churches will collapse the gospel music industry- Patience Nyarko


Award winning Ghanaian gospel singer Patience Nyarko has opined about the recent call by Ghamro to take action against churches that are using copyrighted content of creative artiste.

The Ghamro chairman Mr Rex Omar revealed on “The Showbiz” hosted by Kojo Preko Dankwa on CTV his edifice is ready to wage war against churches, transport companies, banks etc who uses such copyrighted contents in their day to day operations without paying royalties to right owners.

Patience Nyarko who was a co-guest on the show with Rex Omar agreed to the call on other institutions but opposed against the call on churches.

Explaining herself, the “Obi nyane me” hitmaker stated the relationship between the church and gospel musicians is a mutual one as most of the churches have their own songs and hymns. She cited Pentecost, Methodist, Presby et al as churches whom many gospel musicians feed on their songs for commercial gains.

“A greater percentage of gospel musicians do not write their own songs, they fall on songs belonging to these churches, therefore Ghamro’s action will rather cause much harm than good to gospel musicians ”

Patience believes Ghamro’s action will spell doom for the gospel fraternity as many of the gospel artistes uses songs owned by the churches than the reverse.

By: Kojo Kinn


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