Ghana do not enjoy foreign exchange from the present musicians compared to our days- Bob Pinodo


Legendary Ghanaian highlife musician Bob Pinodo who was recently honoured with a lifetime achievement award at the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards 22 has opened some serious conversations in an interview with Ohemaa Woyeje.

On the “Yadwuma Nie” mid morning show hosted on Angel 102.9fm , Bob Bob Pinodo also known as the “Show master of Africa” made a contrast between music business during their time and now.

Juxtaposing the two generations, he stated,

” In our days the type of highlife we produced was the one foreigners in America and other parts of the world were interested in, investors moved in at the time to export our music out there, these brought great foreign exchange to the country, however today the music environment has changed, the highlife sound has changed from what the investors preferred, selling of music today is now on the digital platforms which benefits the individual musicians but not the entire nation as a whole”

Brief Profile:

Bob Pinodo is one of Ghana’s foremost musical showmen, traveling around the country with his own variety show which featured dance, music, and comedy.

He was awarded the Arts Council Award as the country’s most talented musician in 1969. Bob recorded his first LP in Germany in 1977. He churned out hit songs like “Disco Dance”, “Yesu ne m’agyenkwa”, “Love is Love”, “Girl with the guitar shape”, ”come back love”, “Africa”, “Darling” and “peep to see”, all on his “show master of Africa” album.

The Album released by Essiebons Ltd, in 1978 had air play on the BBC, winning best album, best composition, best production, best recording and ultimately the album of the Millennium from the Entertainment Critics and Reviewers Association of Ghana (ECRAG) and the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC) respectively.

Showmasters of Africa is an epitome of the final phase of Bob Pinodo Music. Bob has found the need to impart his knowledge in showmanship on the youth of Africa, this is the motive behind the formation of his new band, the GoldCrest Band.

By: Kojo Kinn


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