Ghana takes delivery of Madagascar’s Covid Organic for testing


The Ministry of Information has confirmed that samples of Madagascar’s Covid Organic remedy have reached the country and is being tested for efficacy. Earlier last month, the president of Madagascar made a public announcement of his country’s newly found cure for the global pandemic. Regardless of the claim, the World Health Organization has sounded the country to follow due procedures to have the purported remedy tested for its efficacy.

The body also has extended notice of its readiness to provide any form of assistance to Madagascar to have the reported drug tested. However, some African nations, including Guinea, Senegal Kenya, etc., have already taken delivery of the purported medication for testing. Early this month, the Senegalese community of Scientists, after appropriate test procedures confirmed that they had approved the use Artemisia, which is the main component of the purported remedy, to the prevention and treatment of Covid-19 cases in the country.

Ghana is the newest country to join the stream of nations who have taken delivery of samples of the remedy for testing against safety and efficacy. Notice from the Ministry of Information suggests that samples have been submitted to the FDA and Centre for Plant Medicine for testing. An update from the Ministry said the drug is tested for its efficacy. Since the announcement of the purported remedy by President Andry Rajoelina in April, a section of Ghanaians has called on the government to take delivery of the medication for testing.

The update from the Ministry of Information will extend relief to several Ghanaians. News broke out last week that Germany has also taken delivery of samples of the purported drug for testing. The result of the test is, however, not yet out.  We hope for the better as Ghana awaits on the test results of the FDA and Centre for Plant Medicine.


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