Give Me Breathing Space


The world shook when the news of a black man named George Floyd repeatedly said these words “Take your knee of my neck, I can’t breathe” These words fell on deaf ears to the former Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin and it’s ironical that we say these words everyday as humans regardless of skin colour.

Racism and discrimination, is everywhere in our human life. From our workplace to school, to churches , to marriages, discrimination continues to be a formidable challenge. It continues to be a cancer which desperately needs a cure. There is superiority complex everywhere and it never seems to end. It is rather unfortunate that it is the vulnerable that continue to repeat the words “Give me breathing space”. Women need to breathe, we are tired. We are tired of being objects of sexual gratification, we are tired of men being a glorification of sexual perversion to us. The female race is fed up. There have been organisations to eradicate this but to no avail. There is still no breathing space. In marriages, women have to conform to our stereotyped norms regardless of if it is pleasing or not.

In schools, there is superiority complex and students are made to think less of themselves. Speaking up is now termed as arrogance to the typical Ghanaian teacher. Questioning the efficiency of a rule is now termed as disrespect and doing things outside academics is useless and aimless. This is our society and a picture of our reckless educational systems. This is a society where rape is normal, and forced sex without physical abuse is not considered as rape. This is a society where your looks gets you the job and not your skills. Give us breathing space. People are being mistreated, marriages are collapsing, the vulnerable are dying and all we can cry out for is a breathing space.

We are being choked and suffocated by our character and outmoded cultural beliefs and practices. It’s time for the black man, the inferior, the child and everyone being discriminated to stand up and demand a breathing space.


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