God has punished directors, producers and marketers- Actor Atta Patrick on collapse of Kumawood


Ghanaian Amsterdam based actor and musician Atta Patrick has made some strong statements about the collapse of the Kumawood Movie industry.

In an interview with Ghana’s finest female broadcaster Ohemaa Woyeje on Akasanoma Radio in Amsterdam the actor shared his opinion as to the reasons behind the collapse of the one time vibrant movie industry.

“God has punished the producers, directors and marketers of the Kumawood industry ,their greediness, selfishness and the bad ordeal they put actors and actresses through has revisited them” He stated.

Atta Patrick also sited illiteracy on the part of producers and directors of the Kumawood industry as a key contributor to it’s collapse.

The use of same faces in movies and sabotage from colleague actors and actresses was also a contributing factors, he said.

Atta Patrick advised the Kumawood industry to fix their mindset and correct all the ills now that the Kumawood industry has started picking up.

By: Kojo Kinn


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