Great Tutu reveals more about ghetto life as 20years drug addict shares experience


Hardworking interview personality Frank Agyarko Tutu of Great Tutu Tv has uncovered great secret about ghetto life in an interview with a man who has stayed in the “ghetto” over 20years.

“Ghetto” in our local parlance is usually a slum which is characterised by people who engage in the use of hard drugs like Cocaine, wee, tramadol, D 10 etc.

Great Tutu in the interview spoke with a man nicknamed “Information Aka 442 who has been in the “Ghetto” for over 20years.

According to 442 he was a trader dealing in cooking utensils, plastic products etc and was doing well but his friends lured him into drugs and eventually left his business for the “Ghetto ”

“I smoke wee, drink alcohol, tramadol, D 10 but i don’t do cocaine because that can ruin my life easily” 442 revealed.

Asked about the benefits he derive from using drugs, he said

” I become very happy when I combine wee, tramadol, D 10 and alcohol together ”

Conversely , 442 revealed he was a decent man but drugs has turned him to a voilent person and now a thief which has really affected his life.

“I really regret coming to the Ghetto, he told Great Tutu ”

I sometimes cut myself and suck my blood when i get too high on wee, tramadol and D10, I feel like i was born a vampire or Dracula, he revealed.

Information Aka 442 ended by advising the general public especially the youth never to think of adopting Ghetto life as they will get crashed and become miserable in life.

Great Tutu is part of the 100uP project initiated by Kojo Kinn

Watch Video Below:

By: Kojo Kinn


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