“Great leaders are dealers in hope.” – Francis Abbah

Hope can be defined as a virtuous desire for future good. It is the feeling of trust, confidence, belief or expectation that something wished for can or will happen.

All great leaders are dealers in hope. They do not only have great hope for the future, but they provide hope and stability to their people especially in times of crisis as well as in times when their entities are trying to attain their vision and purposes. They are hopeful of the future, and they help others find hope in the future as well. They are a source of hope to the people they lead.

One thing is certain, that uncertainties and change will occur. However, no matter what kind of changes occur, great leaders are able to keep their people focused on the vision and purposes of their entities and to provide hope to their people that the vision can be attained.

“Hope is not a strategy” as most motivational speakers and some leadership experts will wrongly say to diminish the power of hope. However, hope always comes before strategy and hope actually helps in the successful execution of strategy so that the vision of an entity can be attained. For a hopeful leader and a hopeful people are more likely to attain the vision of their entities than a hopeless leader and a hopeless people.

Great leaders are agents of hope. And they are able to inspire hope in their people for them to successfully sail through a crisis or for the vision and purposes of their entities to be attained despite the changes and uncertainties happening all around them.

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