How Ghanaians reacted after Akufo Addo rebuked NPP for breaching COVID-19 protocols in primaries


The just ended NPP primaries attracted a lot of concerns and criticisms from Ghanaians. In as much as it was observed that, all the COVID-19 safety protocols were overlooked by the party officials, many people think president Akufo Addo should have punished them as he did to other people including pastors.  This expectations and concerns pushed president Akufo Addo to response to the people’s cry.

We can all recall that, during the NPP primaries, social distancing protocols were not observed and many party delegates failed to wear nose masks. This triggered reaction from civil organizations and religious bodies to criticize the president for allowing such lawlessness right under his nose. As the heat and pressure mounts up on president Akufo Addo to do something about it, he responded with just a warning. He said, unfortunately, in their enthusiasm and sheer unbridled joy, his party broke some of the COVID-19 safety protocols and this should not happen again.

This didn’t get down well with many Ghanaians as many people expected same punishments meted out to all those who flouted the safety protocols. some Ghanaians said that, now the only Ghanaians in this era are the NPP who can easily break the laws of the land and go free as the others are foreigners. Also, some complained that president Akufo Addo is not going to deal with party members but rather they should not do that again. ‘’Mr. President kindly do the needful and release the pastors who were worshiping God”, said by some.

Someone said things like this really boils him to burn and that shame unto Nana Addo. The reactions from Ghanaians depicts that they are unhappy with the action taken by president Akufo Addo against his party members. They think just a warning is a pure selective justice. Below are more of the reactions from Ghanaians.

Do you think the action taken by the president is the most appropriate in this situation? Let’s hear from you.

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