I Respect Donald Trump Because He Speaks The Truth – Says Efia Odo


Top Ghanaian social media influencer Andrea Owusu is better known as Efia Odo has revealed why he respect Donald Trump the American president.

It seems like Efia Odo don’t like the democratic rules in Africa and mostly Ghana, therefore, she chooses to respect the president of the United States Of America (U S A) than Blacks who belongs to a democratic Party.

I respect Donald Trump not because of his personality but the truth he always sa, she said.

According to Efia Odo, she is surprised that the majority of black people belong to a democratic party, meanwhile, the democratic party was founded by a man who owns a slave plantation.

She continues saying most of the politicians lie to get the votes from individuals that make her hate democratic parties most.

See her full tweet below:


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