It is the privilege of any talented individual to extend his or her services in honour of a long-time admired personality or individual. Over the years, the works of artist and graphic designers have been extended in various forms to honour heroes across the world. Even though their work has existed and continue to be patronized across several cities of in Ghana, the works of pallbearers have gained tremendous recognition during these few months of the fight against Convid-19 across the world. Many countries have employed the seemingly display observed by pallbearers as a cautionary measure to caution the populates of the consequences of failure to adhere to measures placed in by the state in the fight against the deadly virus. In Ghana, not only do pall

bearers help to give a pleasing farewell to a departing soul, but they also provide a level of entertainment to mourners who gather in memory of a departed soul. In the early days of March 2020, pallbearers of Waiting Services were honoured with a billboard in the outskirt of Brazil, and this goes a long way to demonstrate the recognition the one-time overlooked job nature has grown to become. It is of no surprise that the job of Pallbearers is gradually gaining recognition and with lots of individuals mimicking their distinguished dancing style on various social media platforms.

Speaking to Foot Mercato, Aidoo, who is the leader of Waiting Services, acknowledged his love and admiration for Ronaldinho and further extended his wish to honour the celebrated soccer star when he passes on. He is quoted by Foot Mercato “I wish them long life, of course, but if I had that chance, I dream of driving Ronaldinho to his last home!” He further said, “Then Maradona and finally Messi. Ronaldinho is a player who has always impressed me.’’

We cannot certainly tell if Aidoo has been a football lover all years long, but we can certainly understand he has great admiration for the former Men’s Fifa world player of the year. It is unknown how Ronaldinho will accept this news, but we can be sure he will put o a smile knowing the kind of jovial traits the soccer star possesses.


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