I want to sell my Kidney because my family and I are dying of Poverty – Social Media User


Aristotle once said,“Poverty is the parent of revolution and crime.” This has led a social media user who wants to be anonymous willing to sell one of his kidneys to help make a better living for himself and family.

Just read below what he wrote.

” Hello Joe, We have been communicating for sometimes now and I’ve offered support to two people in the group. Here is my issue. I want to sell one of my kidneys if only I can be assured of living for sometime on one. I’m really suffering and I want to put things in place for my self and my family members. want to break that chain of poverty in my family.

Kindly post for me and connect me to anyone who will want to buy okay. You can bargain the best price for me and I will gladly accept.

I don’t drink nor smoke. I don’t really eat meat like fish so I’m sure they are both in good health. It’s sad but I’ve got to go this way😭.
Kindly post for me but hide my identity 😭🙏 ”


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