Kotey Another, Akɛbo Eyeyɔɔ hit maker releases a new track tittled SWEET MOTHER.


According to Kotey Another, this is a true life Story as he was been raised by a single parent as his father died at a tender age of 5 years old.

The inspiration came from the numerous things the mother has done for him through out his life time which no other gift can repay her back till date.

As a musician, he found it necessary to use his creative talent to do this “SWEET MOTHER” song to acknowledged and say a very big thank you to his cherished mother.

Mothers are to be celebrated more when it comes to mothers day for their tremendous sacrifices for mankind.

Even as some irresponsible father’s don’t take care of their children, these mothers sacrifice with massive contributions and training of upbringing of their children.

I would like to appreciate all responsible mothers who have taken upon themselves to play effective parental role for upbringing of their children.

In addition, to also acknowledged my management team sharing the same story as mine and that makes me know that mothers are gift from God Almighty.

I would like to encouraged the younger ones to emulate the attitude of industrious parental care in raising their children since no one knows tomorrow as the future holds.



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