Kurt Okraku: The football industry has really suffered for the past three years


President of the Ghana Football Association (GFA) Kurt Okraku says the Football industry has really suffered in the last three year.

According to Kurt, the football industry is one of the numerous industries the Covid-19 has affected.

“As we speak, there’s no decision as whether the Ghana Premier League would be cancelled or not and we are still in talks. Just when our football was recovering then the world is hit with covid 19. The football industry has really suffered for the last three years. For us to recover again, God must intervene”.

“The football industry is one that has suffered a lot. We had our own covid 18 because football activities had been cancelled for close to two years, from employment to financial loses” he added.

The Ghana premier league and all GFA organize competitions are currently suspended due to the Coronavirus outbreak.


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