Kuukua Mensah Foundation set to donate sanitary pads, books and pens to Noyaa Basic School in James Town(Accra)


The kuukua Mensah foundation is a foundation which focuses on girls in the rural areas of Ghana with the aim of educating and supporting them with some of their basic life needs.

From our research some ladies do not have money to buy sanitary pads because of their humble background, as a result of this they use pieces of cloth as sanitary pads which is unhygienic and causes infections.

They are unable to attend school during their menstrual periods , some have to wait until the cycle is over which is heartbreaking.

As part of the kuukua Mensah foundation, we’re giving out 100 sanitary pads with exercise books and pens to the students of Noyaa Basic School in James town(Greater Accra) region.

The date of the donation is on the 4th of January 2022.

Speaking to the Founder Miss Kuukua Mensah she had this to say,

“Many rural young ladies are facing a lot of challenges due to their poor family background and broken homes, a research done by my team revealed most of these young ladies are unable to afford sanitary pads and has resorted to the usage of cloth during menstruation which is highly unhygienic, the Kuukua Mensah Foundation is here for such young ladies to help assist them with some of their basic needs and also educate them on how to become better women in future”

The foundation is pleading on the general public and philanthropists to support them in order to reach a lot of needy young ladies throughout the country.


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