“Leaders must be accountable first to God and then to their fellow men.”- Francis Abbah

 Being accountable simply means that leaders should be liable to be called on to render an account of the decisions and actions they took concerning the entities they lead and are part of.

Accountability on the part of a leader makes him or her answerable for both the actions and inactions undertaken by the leader.

When leaders become accountable to both God and to their fellow men, it makes them become prudent in the choices and decisions they make so as to benefit the entities they lead and not just the leader alone.

Likewise, accountability enables leaders to place a high value on their people with respect to the decisions they make and in how they treat their people.

Living with the awareness that leaders will provide an account to both God and their fellow men always keeps leaders humble and helps them to live with a consciousness that makes them respect their fellow men.

Leaders who lead and are accountable to others strive to stay true to their people and the entities they lead at all times. Leaders who are accountable to God and their fellow men lead effectively by not taking advantage of their fellow men.

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