“Great leaders are initiators and change agents.”- Francis Abbah

Great leaders are initiators and change agents. They initiate the changes they want to see realized rather than be victims of circumstances. They are proactive rather than reactive people.

Individuals who lead effectively take up initiatives that they know will better the lives of others or the entities they are part of without waiting for others to inform them to take up the initiatives.

Great leaders are initiators of change. They also foresee an upcoming event and plan ahead to change systems and strategies to meet up those perceived circumstances. It takes confidence in a leader to become an initiator and change agent.

According to John Maxwell, “self confidence in a leader elicits the confidence of his followers, which gives him the freedom to be a risk taker and a change agent.”

Leaders who lead effectively understand that they cannot always predict what the future will look like, but they are always ready to initiate changes that will meet up those unforeseen circumstances and will ultimately benefit the entities they are part of.

It takes courage on the part of leaders to be agents of change. But without being agents of change, then leaders and their people are definitely going to be victims of change.

Great leaders do not wait for circumstances to be favorable before they take up the initiatives they want to implement. They neither wait for others to motivate them to take up the initiatives they will like to see realized. They are disciplined enough and motivate themselves to initiate change and be change agents.

The pages of history are filled with great leaders who are agents of change. Because all these great leaders understood that if they do not take up the initiative they want to see realized, then they are either going to be victims of their circumstances or better still, the vision or goal they want to see realized will ultimately take a longer period of time or may never be realized.

Understanding the importance of being initiators, individuals who lead effectively aspire to always be agents of change and strive to act first rather than be acted upon.

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