“Slow progress in the right direction is much more better than a fast progress in the wrong direction.” – Francis Abbah

Great leaders are visionaries. They are able to see more than others see and before others see. Vision is one of the indispensable qualities of all great leaders. And vision, needs commitment from both leaders and their teams to be attained.

Committing to the vision of the very entities’ leaders are part of is crucial and needed in the realization of the vision.

Vision, oftentimes comes from the purpose of an entity. What an entity stands for is what will aid in the formation of an effective vision.

Ensuring that both short- and long-term vision are attained oftentimes is as a result of the collective efforts of leaders and their teams. For vision do not attain itself. Vision is attained by the deliberate efforts, right choices and actions of leaders and their teammates. For vision to be attained, leaders will need to build the right momentum for their teams in its realization. And the right momentum is what makes it possible to achieve the vision of an entity.

Not all vision takes the same amount of time in their realization. There are vision that may take a shorter period of time in its realization while others may take a longer period of time.

Vision will bring the need for resources to be accumulated in its realization. However, no matter how tedious the processes are in its realization, always take note that slow progress in the right direction is much more better than a fast progress in the wrong direction.

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