“Leaders first touch a heart before they ask for a hand.”- John Maxwell

Leadership in itself requires the involvement of people. This is due to the fact that leadership is a people business. Anyone desiring to lead will definitely have to deal with people because leadership is a people business. Leaders who lead effectively recognize their need for others in the realization of any worthwhile vision and dreams they carry. And because they recognize their need for others, effective leaders connect first with others before they ask for the efforts and collaboration from their people. Hence, effective leaders first touch the heart of their people before they ask for a hand. By giving of themselves first and connecting with their people, leaders create an atmosphere whereby their people will also want to give of themselves and also connect with their leaders. For when leaders connect and reach out to their people, others willingly reach back to their leaders and provide their efforts and collaboration to see to the realization of the worthwhile vision and goals that their leaders carry for their respective entities.

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