“How well leaders train their teams will result in how well the goals and vision of their entities are attained.”- Francis Abbah

Training of their teams by leaders is probably one of the significant opportunities a leader can provide to his or her team members because, how well leaders train their team will result in how well the goals and vision of their entities are attained.

Due to the ongoing nature of training their teams, most leaders have the habit of not fully engaging their teams in training programs. This most often results in the entity’s vision and goals not being well achieved by the personnel within those very entities.

Thriving entities are not by chance. Entities that thrive do so through deliberate efforts and systems put in place to help them attain their goals and vision.

A lot of entities have missed their opportunity to attain their vision and goals over a long set period of time as a result of a lack of continuous training of the teams and people that make up those very entities.

Training of personnel within an entity becomes an asset rather than a liability because, as the people get better, productivity will improve which will ultimately result in the entities attaining their set vision and goals at any set period of time. This makes training an even more significant aspect of leadership.

Initiation of the training of personnel within an entity is one of the most crucial roles a leader can do for his or her team mates because when the people are better off, the results and numbers will automatically take care of themselves.

Even though it takes time, commitment, dedication, consistency and even most often has financial price attached to it, the returns of training are numerous and far outweigh its cost in the long run.

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