‘Let us observe religious tolerance for peace and prosperity’ – Spiritual Head

Swami Brahmananda Sarasawati Paramahamsa

Swami Brahmananda Sarasawati Paramahamsa, a renowned African Yogi and Spiritual Head of Dharma Nyame Mission in Accra, has called on religious bodies and faiths to tolerate each other for peace.

He said: “God is one but the paths to Him are many and that religious tolerance is key for peace and prosperity and therefore there is no need for us to fight among ourselves.”

Swami Brahmananda Paramahamsa, made the call in an interview with the Ghana News Agency when a delegation of Hindu leadership from India paid a courtesy call on him at his Lingani Peetham Temple at Darkuman in Accra.

He said there was only one omnipresent God and He can be worshipped in diverse faiths, “therefore religious tolerance must be observed to bring peace to our country Ghana and the world at large.”

“What every good father wishes for his children is to practise righteousness and read the scriptures. We are on this earth for spiritual enlightenment and perfection, which will help us to live peacefully and worship God,” he said.

Swami Brahmananda, who is also the President of the Federation of Indigenous African Priests and International Society of Religious Tolerance said: “One can bring forth children into the world, but each child will have his or her preference and thus different religious bodies should stop attacking each other and live in peace because God is peaceful.”

He said he had his spiritual awakening at the age of 15 years “When I came in touch with a famous Sage of India, His Holiness Swami Jyotir Maya Nanda, who gave me deeper insight into Yoga.”

He said he founded his mission in 1963 and had many devotees in many countries such as United States, Panama, United Kingdom and many other European countries as well as in West Africa.”

Swami Brahmananda said he was able to heal many kinds of chronic diseases and disorders, that were declared incurable by medical science and that the mission was also into African Traditional Herbal Medicine and other treatments like “Ayur Vedic” and “Yoga Therapy.”


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