Men with baldness stand a higher risk of developing extreme symptoms of Covid-19

Male alopecia or hair loss concept - adult caucasian bald man looking mirror for head baldness treatment

Men with baldness stand a higher risk of developing extreme symptoms of Covid-19, a report by the has indicated. According to the news agency, a researcher from Brown University, Professor Carlos Wambier, has told the news agency that he thinks “baldness is a perfect predictor of severity” per research conducted.

The claim has been argued with caution by other medical professionals who insist more evidence is required to establish the claims of Professor Wambier. A study by Professor Carlos Wambier, published in the Journal of American Academy of Dermatology found 80% of 122 male Covid-19 patients participants were bald. He conducted the study in Madrid.

In the journal, Professor Wambier noted that “We think androgens or male hormones are definitely the gateway for the virus to enter our cells.” Scientists are of the view that male sex hormones that cause loss of hair in men could also, in a way, increase the likelihood of the virus to attack cells in men. Men have caught the virus more than women from a global analysis of case counts and are more likely to lose their lives from the pandemic in comparison with women.

On this merit, new research works, targeted at investigating whether treatments which curb hormones could be a way of treating Covid-19 patients are underway. Some of such treatments are in many ways, employed in helping men who have prostate cancer. However, head of Policy at Prostate Cancer, UK, Karen Stalbow, has extended caution over research works such as that of Professor Carlos Wambier.

Ms Stalbow said: “There are now several clinical studies starting which hope to address these issues, but much more evidence is needed before we can know whether these hormone therapies would be an effective treatment for Covid-19.”

It remains to be seen if other research findings will come in support of the claims by Professor Wambier.


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