Moesha needs the support and prayers of Ghanaians in her critical times- Obaapa Akua Sarfoa


Ghanaian journalist and twi news anchor of Original Tv Obaapa Akua Sarfoa has pleaded with Ghanaians to offer immense support and prayers for social media influencer and actress Moesha Buodong.

The dynamic news anchor in an interview with Ghnewz stated this is not the time for some section of Ghanaians to chastise the sister who is going through her critical times.

“I believe it was a good thing to see our sister proclaim repentance and a change of mind, but the current video circulating which shows our sister dirty and wanting to commit suicide is disturbing and sad”

We wouldn’t want anything bad to happen to her so I will plead with all and sundry to support her in prayers. Also the family must pay critical attention to her in these times to prevent any casualty, she added.

A video of Moesha Buodong went viral recently in which she confessed of wanting to commit suicide but was rescued by some unknown men. This video got Ghanaians talking and asking several questions as to what is really happening to the actress who was seen not long ago in a church confessing repentance and accepting Christ as her lord and saviour.

By: Kojo Kinn


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