Most of today’s gospel musicians seeks only for fame and riches but not to win souls- Akosua Bempomaa


Akosua Bempomaa a gospel singer has opined on the lifestyle of the current crop of gospel musicians.

Juxtaposing the old and new generation, Akosua rated the old folks higher with respect to demonstrating great sense of morality and spirituality in executing their calling as Christian ministers of the gospel .

“They old gospel musicians did not just sing but served God dilligently and held in high esteem the Christian faith and values. Their dependence on the holy spirit made them Excel and impacted many lives” She said.

“However most of our current crop of gospel musicians focus mainly on fame and riches, they rely solely on their acquired musical skills but not the holy spirit therefore has lost their sense of morality and spirituality ” She added.

The “Briba Ba” singer ended with an advise to all gospel ministers to adhere to the core mandate of the kingdom which is to win souls to Christ and expect God to bless them with all other things as written in Matthew chapter 6 vs 33.

OFFICIAL VIDEO: Akosua Bempomaa ft Morris BabyFace(Bribi Reba)

By: Kojo Kinn


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