Negative Attitude Causes 60% of Creative Arts Business failures in Ghana


Creative Arts Business Consultant Benjamin Oduro Arhin Jnr aka BNOSKKA, made an interesting statement on why Entertainment business fails in Ghana.

Speaking on Kasapa Entertainment Show with Eddie Ray over the weekend. He said a research conducted on “Identifying Success Determining Factors of Creative Arts Business in Ghana” reveals that when talent and all other factors are compared it become noted that negative attitude alone causes 60% of why entertainment business fails in Ghana.

According to Bnoskka the scope of the research embodies: Film Actors/Actresses, Musicians, Artsists, Verbal/Non Verbal Entertainers, Singers, Film/Music Crews, Industry Players, and Consumer/End Users.

The negative attitude of these personalities becomes one of the success determining factors of Creative Arts Business in Ghana.

Creativity is not an equation but a process of functional attitude, inquiry, imagination, knowledge, evaluation, linking old ideas into a new one, and packaging customized products through innovation. But this process becomes imperative to measurement thereby the creativity formula.

Bnoskka further argued by quoting Ralph Marston who said “Excellence is not a skill, it’s an attitude” if any one says that excellent skills translate to business, then it’s true but success and sustainability of skill marking profit after balancing payment and receipt is not guaranteed in the presence of negative attitude.

There are lots of unreported cases that sometimes glimpse of it appears on radio/tv where producers accuses artist as ungrateful, artist accuses producers of exploiting them and lacks of empirical evidence of contracts issues and transacted business claims.

It’s true Ignorance is one of the factors but the magnitude of negative attitude is a factor of great concern that the ministry of tourism, Arts and culture, should spearhead an attitude reformation.

Bnoskka suggest one year “Attitude Reconciliation Forum” For Ghana Creative Arts Industry for 2021/2022”

In concluding Bnoskka recommends that it has become imperative to form “Attitude Reconciliation for Ghana Creative Arts Industry for 2021 and 2022.

By attitude reconciliation Bnoskka quoted Winston Churchill that
“Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.” So we need to take attitudinal education serous to curtail the unfortunate nuisance we encounter in the industry.


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