Ohemaa Woyeje & KGenius premiers “Money Gone” video


Celebrated Ghanaian broadcaster Ohemaa Woyeje in collaboration with Jamaican reggae superstar KGenius on Friday November 5 2021 premiered visuals to their latest song dubbed “Money Gone”

The colorful ceremony that took place at Ohemaa Woyeje Ice Bar saw a lot of media and entertainment personnel in attendance.

Addressing the audience, Ohemaa Woyeje and KGenius revealed the motive behind the song,

“Money Gone” talks about a system designed to transform the world into a cashless state.The Use of credit/Debit cards is prevalent in certain countries , you could have cash but can’t use it for any transaction.

This system will soon spread throughout the outermost parts of the world including our homeland Ghana.

Explaining further, the duo stated

“The system is designed in a way that you have to submit all your cash to the banks or the Mobile Network services in exchange of a credit card . Now if the system is hit with a technical challenge ,you realize you have money but can’t use it, if you are sick your are going to die, if you are hungry you will starve.

Therefore there’s is the need to have a plan B, such as the barter system where we can exchange food or other valuables. We have to encourage the growing of crops to serve as an alternative remedy for the new world order.

By: Kojo Kinn


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