“Only those who adhere to NDC orders are deemed Members”-Asiedu Nketia


Johnson Aseidu Nketia General Secretary of the National Democratic Congress reveals that the National Party Chairman Ofosu Ampofo cautioned Mr. Bernard Allotey Jacobs the former Central Regional Chairman before his suspension.

On May 6, 2020, Samuel Ofosu Ampofo the NDCs National Chairman signed a statement in accordance to the dismissal of Mr. Allotey Jacobs suspension to the Article 46(1) and 46(6) and 46(8) (b) of the party’s constitution which stated that “persistent anti- party conduct” signifying the decision to his Suspension at the National Executive Meeting held on Wednesday, 6th May, 2020.

“I have not called Allotey Jacob but I know that National Chairman Ofosu Ampofo, you know he is an  Elder of the Pentecost Church and for him to take such a serious action, he would have made every effort privately to engage Allotey Jocobs with nothing fruitful came out of it”, the NDC Chief Scribe said

Ofosu Ampofo told me that he has spoken with Allotey Jacobs at the time we realized that his behavior contradicts the directives of the party, and there was mutual understanding of the consequences of behavior; thus, he was reminded of what might happened if he continued on that tangent”, he added.

According to the NDC’s Chief Scribe he said the National Party Chairman have had a lots of private conversations with Allotey Jacobs before he was suspended.

As to what brought about Allotey Jacobs suspension in the party, I cannot tell why, General Mosquito says.

“I cannot tell why Allotey Jacobs is doing this to the party and I am not on radio to discuss the lifestyle and how long he has served in the NDC. It is not part of the charge against him. He is an independent person and so he can choose to do whatever he likes: he hinted.

However, he made it clear to the public that someone does not depend on his performance in the party.

“The party’s disciplinary procedure does not mean that if someone has served for 10 years and goes against directives of the party; the person’s punishment should be less than someone who is just 2 years in the party. We don’t have such disciplinary procedure in the party and so if you have a member for thousand years in the party, the punishment is just like someone who is considered a small fry in the party” General Mosquito pointed. We are saying that political party is an association and we have rules and regulations. You can only be part of the group if you adhere to its orders but if you think you can not abide by our rules and want to act independent, then you cannot stay in the party” he concluded.



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