Osebo shares a touching story of a single disabled mother of three disable kids amidst tears


Osebo the Zara Man must be well known for his fashion sense and display of exquisite clothing designs but the man has an emotional side which is highly admirable and well deserving of praise.

His passion for sharing life inspirational messages to motivate the less privelege in society and his love for giving was seen recently when he donated some items to some poor widows in suhum.

In a very touching, sorrowful but inspirational video, Osebo shared a story of a poor disabled single mother of three begging for alms in traffic, according to Osebo one of the children was suffering from leprosy and was blind at the same time with the mum also limping.

Sharing the message amidst tears Osebo advised Ghanaians to assist people like this woman in society and not always think their predicaments are as a result of their sins or they been accursed.

“It is not always like that, some are genuinely suffering and needs our help, we must be grateful to God for giving us healthy children and assist the vunerable in society like this poor mother ” Osebo bemoaned.

This is a lesson we must all learn from , in life when God blesses us we must look back and extend a helping hand to the poor and needy in society.

Watch Video Below:

By: Kojo Kinn


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