COVID-19 has affected a lot of industries and the pageant industry is no exception. From May- June is undeniably the period for local, national and international pageants organisers to operate however everything is on a standstill.

Despite all the challenges COVID-19 has brought one cannot deny the fact that it has forced people to be innovative and creative and the pageant space is no exception. At the moment, some pageant organizers have adopted the virtual means in order to keep their pageants running. But the question is, Can we solely trust virtual means as a basis for selecting and crowning a queen?

Mr. Romeo a pageant scout and coach, during an online workshop added that  “pageantry is a test of compassionate exhibition through the queens…It’s a field thing, so if people are doing mere presentations without going to the field to test their pulse in terms of how compassionate they are to the real essence of life in terms of dealing with people then there will be something missing” In his view virtual presentations are not a reliable way to crown a queen.

However if there are no virtual means to continue pagentry, Does it mean that current titleholders will continue to reign till this pandemic is over? This is an additional responsibility to titleholders and self draining as well.

COVID-19 has really affected the pageant space and no matter how innovative and creative we become we still cannot refute the fact that COVID-19 has had a great impact in the pageant industry.


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