Pastor who claims to heal Covid-19 patients dies of the disease in Cameroon


A pastor and a 2018 presidential aspirant in Cameroon’s just ended general elections has died of COVID-19. He came 7th in the country’s presidential elections, accumulating a total vote count of 23,687. The deceased, Frankline Ndifor, 39 years old, is reported to have claimed that he could heal persons suffering from the pandemic just by laying his hands on them. On this count, several patients suffering from COVID-19 trooped to his church, Kingship International Ministries Church, of which he laid his hands and prayed for them – report from VOA on May 17th 2020, indicates.

Pastor Ndifor has died of the virus, and his body picked up from his house on Saturday morning. A medical expert who was invited to treat Pastor Ndifor before his death, after he was reported to have exhibited symptoms of the condition and difficulty in breathing, acknowledged that the man of God died just 10 minutes after receiving treatment. Reports indicate that his church members even prevented the medical team sent to retrieve the body of the pastor by blocking the entrance to his house located in Douala for eight hours.

It took the interposition of the Police Service to make way for the medical team to retrieve the body as members of the deceased’s church held on to the belief that the man of God was not dead but was only holding on to a spiritual encounter with God. Thus, they were unwilling to allow the body to be carried away for burial. Members of his church had engaged in continuous prayers and singing in the hope that their leaders will return to life. The pastor is well-known in the city of Douala as a miracle healer. Burial of the body took place right in front of his house.

A follower of his church, Rigobert Che, acknowledged that the pastor had prayed for him and few other members before his passing. He, however, wondered, if a man of God who claims to heal COVID-19 patients had died of the same pandemic, how much more members who had visited his church for healing? Before his passing, Pastor Frankline Ndifor is said to have taken up various social responsibilities, including distributing an unreported number of facemasks, soaps and buckets to the less vulnerable in the society.

Medical staff are asking all persons who went under the healing hands of Pastor Ndifor to report to the nearest hospital to test for COVID-19.

Currently, the total COVID-19 case count of Cameroon stands at 3,529 confirmed case, 1,567 recoveries and 140 deaths. In total, Africa’s confirmed cases stand at 88,264, 2,832 deaths and 33,898 recoveries.


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